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Press Release
Published July 01, 2016
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Credit card data collection plan on hold amid tax amnesty

Date: July 01, 2016
Categories: Government Finance, Indonesia, Risk and Regulation
Keywords: Bank Negara Indonesia

The Taxation Directorate General has decided to postpone a plan to collect credit card transaction data until the scheduled end of a planned tax amnesty in March next year.

Tax office spokesman Hestu Yoga Saksama explained that the policy, which was initially aimed at improving the tax database, had been postponed due to mixed perceptions regarding the issue.

"With the implementation of the tax amnesty, we are giving taxpayers the opportunity to participate in the program. Once it is done, we will bring the plan back," he said in Jakarta on Friday.

As stated in a finance minister regulation, credit card data was to be collected monthly starting May 31. "It has been postponed until the expiration of the tax amnesty program," Yoga added.

To support the non-cash transactions program, especially through credit cards, the tax office is currently formulating a policy to provide tax incentives by allowing credit card users to have certain bill payments deducted from their income tax.

"The point is that we want to support a cashless society," he added.

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