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Conferences and Trainings
We organise a wide range of conferences and topical forums that continue to shape government finance management.

The Asian Banker
Government Finance

Conferences and Trainings

Forums that shape the industry

The summits, forums, roundtables and briefings are organised for leaders to share ideas, exchange information and interact while keeping abreast of the latest developments in government finance management.

The global economic crises in 2008 and the contagions that ensued for the next two years have made it imperative for the public sector to understand markets, instruments, infrastructure and the technologies that the financial services industry provide with a greater level of sophistication. The Government Finance forums series are organised to create a dialogue for learning, networking and further development within government agencies when they interact with the financial institutions as well as fellow policy makers.

Our conferences are recognised for their timely content distilled from strong research and editorial input from The Government Finance Publication and Research. The Government Finance Summit, our flagship conference, features visionary leaders and policy-makers in governments and the financial services industry who have contributed significantly to shape the financial management processes in the public sector.

Our city-level and topical meetings are designed to drill down to current issues faced by practitioners in the respective regions.

Advisory Board
Cesar Virata, former Prime Minister of the Philippines and current Corporate Vice-Chairman, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation more
Bindu N Lohani, Vice President – Finance and Administration, Asian Development Bank more
Emmanuel Daniel, President and CEO, The Asian Banker more
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