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VIDEO: "All companies have to think strategy now"
Date: Jun 08, 2016   |   Author: The Banking Conversation | Interviews
Banthoon Lamsam, chairman and chief executive of Kasikornbank, shares how employee-centred strategies and digitisation is keeping one of Thailand’s largest banks upbeat as it regionalise its operation in an ASEAN economy.
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VIDEO: "The worst you can do in challenging times is divert from a simple agenda"
Date: Jun 07, 2016   |   Author: The Banking Conversation | Interviews
Ala’a Eraiqat, group CEO and executive director, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) discusses steering ADCB beyond the global financial crisis, maintaining high morale in the workplace, and emphasising customer experience and digitisation.
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VIDEO: “Most banks don’t have people in their board room who understand technology and technology leadership”
Date: Feb 25, 2016   |   Author: The Banking Conversation | Interviews
Chris Skinner, founder of the Financial Services Club in Europe, and writer of Value Web and The Digital Bank, identifies technology-led change as the challenge for banks, two-fifths of whom “do not have the technology leadership to do that change.” But he is not saying banks are going to be disintermediated anytime soon.
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VIDEO: “We need to get back to what finance is for and how it meets the needs of the nonfinancial economy”
Date: Feb 25, 2016   |   Author: The Banking Conversation | Interviews
Author and economist John Kay says banking and finance is about four things: payments, wealth management, capital allocation, and risk mitigation. Among others, he identifies where the financial sector has gone astray, and how the regulation of finance is headed the wrong way.
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VIDEO: "We do things old school, with speed and confidentiality you can’t expect from a large investment bank"
Date: Feb 25, 2016   |   Author: The Banking Conversation | Interviews
SC Lowy, independent fixed income specialist, goes head-to-head with the bulge bracket sans the multiple layers and strict regulation as experienced by large investment banks. Michel Löwy, cofounder and CEO, describes how they went into markets such as the Middle East, trading billions of dollars while their counterparts had no Middle East presence and looked the other way.
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VIDEO: “Promoting SMEs and getting Thailand out of the middle-income trap are my priorities”
Date: Feb 25, 2016   |   Author: The Banking Conversation | Interviews
Kiatchai Sophastienphong, Thailand’s vice minister of finance, talks about his immediate national economic priorities under the new government, which include relocating high-value industries to Thailand.
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VIDEO: “We never thought that China can be our partner”
Date: Feb 23, 2016   |   Author: The Banking Conversation | Interviews
China and India have been bruited about as the Asian giants most likely to go head to head. However, as China seeks low-cost countries and joint ventures, Modi Enterprises owner KK Modi says India is rolling out the welcome mat as it operationalises “make in India”: manufacture and improve the standard of living in India.
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Governance is more important to Africa than aid
Date: Feb 16, 2011   |   Author: Editorial | Interviews
Conversation with Paul Collier, Professor or Economics and Director, Centre for the Study of African Economies, University of Oxford

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