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About the programme

The award programmes is set up as the highest possible accolade available to government finance practitioners in the public sector and the financial services industries. The purpose of these awards is to recognise the achievements and winners in the competition for innovation, service delivery and operational excellence.
Anchored by an eminent council drawn from ex-statesmen, former treasury officials and global think tanks, the winners of these awards are determined through a combination of surveys, interviews and field research by The Asian Banker’s research team. The research findings are published in a neutral manner, with a scorecard outlining how the various government agencies and financial institutions feature in them.

The goals of this programme

The Industry Achievement awards for governments, public sector agencies and financial institutions are designed with the following goals in mind:

  1. To track the changing competitive landscape in the industry, by distinguishing the winners.
  2. To assess the quality, integrity and accountability of the public sector in their delivery of resources to their stakeholders.
  3. To identify the critical success factors required for success in the various areas of cash management, payments, collections, procurement, innovation and fiscal prudence that are tracked in this programme.
  4. To build a repository of benchmarks and best practices that industry players as a whole can use for their respective self improvement.


The Regions covered

The programme is intended to be global, and we hold all of the nominees for the awards against global benchmarks and best practices. By building experience and nurturing relationships, we will be gradually extending our main coverage from the Asia Pacific region to Central Asia and Middle East. We also recognise outside the region those global leaders whose unique capabilities are truly second to none.

Advisory Board
Cesar Virata, former Prime Minister of the Philippines and current Corporate Vice-Chairman, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation more
Bindu N Lohani, Vice President – Finance and Administration, Asian Development Bank more
Emmanuel Daniel, President and CEO, The Asian Banker more
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